keskiviikko, 15. lokakuu 2008

Uuna 15. October 18:20

I've been fighting hard for these last days. I don't know if my reputation as a turncoat has reached these parts yet, but nowdays I fight for Caldari. What can I do? I  felt like something is wrong with my home and then you only have one solution: move! I moved to Caldari and now I fight for them, big deal.

My fighting have been seen by Caldari State also: I was promoted yester day. "Second Lieutenant of Caldari State". I like the sound of that.
"2008.10.14 20:08
In response to your continuing victories against enemies of the State you have been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant." That is the mail from Caldari State which I received yesterday. Finally I'm doing something with purpose and not just wandering around, scratching isk from these shitty jobs.

But now, I must go back to my post.
Beast T

torstai, 9. lokakuu 2008

Inoue, 9.October, 16:15

Today I got lucky. I was coming from Jita, where I was on a courier mission, I saw something weird on my scanner. It was like ship floating around the belt without a pilot. That is not unusual sight in that area, but this time it was something different... the ship was Navy issue of Vexor cruiser! Who would leave that kind of beaty floating around. First thing that ran through my mind was It must be a trap, and I scanned my aroundings for some pirates. No pirates... This is getting odd. I was flying shuttle, because it is very handy in courier missions. It is fast and courier missions doesn't always require weapons, so I picked Caldari shuttle for this mission. I flew my shuttle closer to this Navy Vexor, and I where amazed: It really was a free Navy Issue Vexor and I'm only capsuleer here! I ran to my pod, flew to Vexor and claimed it. I can tell you, this one is a real treat. Next thing what came to my mind was How I'm going to explain this to my girlfriend? She would never believe me! "Oh hi! I found Vexor Navy" "Oh you FOUND it, huh? So, you DID NOT spend any ISK today, huh? You did not STOLE it, huh? You just happened to FOUND it, huh? LIAR!"
But Now I need to fit this beaty and then I'm going to send message to my dear Jenni. I hope that naming this ship after her, gives me some points.

Captain Beast T

Vexor Navy Isuue